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Jesse Leach Business Consultant and Coach Plymouth Devon UK

Jesse Leach Business Management Consultant

If you’re reading these words, firstly welcome, and secondly, it’s likely you’ve identified a very particular requirement missing from your business? Many organisations, if not most, struggle with building a great team culture while also developing consistent operational excellence. 

It’s a tricky balancing act to achieve both.



I know this because for over two decades I’ve been tasked within a range of industries, from the Military, Tourism and Leisure, Luxury Yachts through to Food Production, with instilling the vital culture of healthy communication between team members and management that many organisations desperately need.


By instilling a sense of comradery – promoting positive relationships within the workplace and identifying key structural issues that create friction and disharmony amongst the team.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in leadership roles throughout my career from operations on the ground in Afghanistan to cosy offices in Devon, but now I’m expanding my reach. I’m finding new ways to add more value to other organisations in need by offering my services as a Business Management Consultant.


Why Jesse?
Drawing on 20 years of experience building and developing effective teams to deliver winning results from the inside out, I’ve learned that the most cost-effective and natural way to achieve customer satisfaction is through having an engaged team – a team that simply likes to work together!

Sounds simple? Unfortunately not.


If you’re looking for a teachable formula, sorry, it doesn’t work like that. If it did you would have found the right learning materials and implemented the necessary changes by now.

People are complicated and every situation is unique.


I work alongside teams in a bespoke, un-obtrusive manner, relating, understanding and constructing a proposed solution to their challenges.

What Jesse can do for you….

Does your organisation need support with any of the following:

  • Positive relationship building within teams
  • Establishing processes and Standard Operating Procedures to ensure business continuity 
  • Effective recruitment for long term loyalty
  • Retention strategies 
  • Performance management and goal setting 
  • Product delivery coordination (On Time In Full)
  • Operational capacity analysis to achieve schedule adherence 
  • Leading through change (and keeping your people!)
  • Building a culture of healthy communication
  • Customer journey design and practical delivery on the ground
  • Building a servant hearted culture within the team
  • Practical, easy and fun team building activities
  • Lean techniques application in the workspace (Product flow, right first time, traceability, status reporting, etc)
  • How to grow a professional family business
  • Operational problem solving
  • General team performance problem solving
  • Running engaging meetings

If any of the above is something that interests you, fill in the contact form below and let’s discuss how I can be of service to you.

Contact Jesse to find out more about his consultancy services by filling in the contact form below

Looking forward to starting this journey together




+ 07863889677


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